Facts About Tile
Ceramic tile and porcelain are one the best choices of flooring material available. Its extensive range of colors, textures, sizes and styles enable you to create a living space that is a true reflection of your personal taste and family lifestyle. Its versatility and beauty along with durability and easy care make it a perfect choice for all your floors, walls and countertops.


This if the most common type used for today’s floors and walls in both residential and commercial applications. A thin ceramic coating or “glaze” is applied to the surface and then fired to give the tile its color and finish ranging from rustic and matte to high gloss. Each finish is rated for performance. It is important to be sure to use the proper tile for every application.

UNGLAZED: No glazing or coating is applied to this type of tile. Colors are uniform throughout which gives the tile durability that resists wear in high traffic areas. Red quarry tile and ceramic porcelain tiles are the most common unglazed tiles used today.

PORCELAIN: These tiles can be either glazed porcelain or a through-body porcelain. Porcelain tile are formed under extremely high pressure and fired at very high temperatures. This makes them much denser and stronger than glazed ceramic tile and highly moisture resistant. Glazed porcelain has a design layer (glaze) on top of the tile which creates stunning and sophisticated designs. This tile is best suited for indoor use. Through body porcelain tiles have the same colors all the way through from front to the back. They can withstand extreme temperatures and heavy traffic areas and are suited for interior and exterior applications.

QUARRY TILE: A manufactured tile, Quarry Tile is extremely hard and dense and is excellent for commercial use as well as outdoors.

MOSAIC TILE: These tile come in an array of material from glazed ceramic or porcelain to glass and stone. They can be used as an accent or to create a masterpiece any where in your home or office.

GLASS TILE: Glass tiles are highly resistant to mechanical chemical and climate influences and are easy to maintain. A favorite of architects, builders and interior designers for their stunning colors and depth that add beauty and elegance to any project.

METAL: Cast in solid metal, metal tiles can be used for floors and walls as well as decorative accents. Used in combination with ceramic or porcelain they can transform a room beyond commonplace to classical beauty.

To help select appropriate tiles for specific applications tile are rated using the P.E.I. (Porcelain Enamel Institute) scale. The tiles are evaluated for wear resistance on a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).

  • PEI 1: Light Traffic – recommended for residential bathrooms or other areas with light traffic and where shoes are not frequently used.
  • PEI 2: Medium Traffic – recommended for residential interiors except entryways, kitchens, stairs or any area where tiles may come into contact with gravel or sand.
  • PEI 3: Medium-heavy Traffic – recommended for all residential interiors and light commercial applications. Not recommended for commercial entryway.
  • PEI 4: Heavy Traffic – suitable for all residential interiors and most commercial applications, including shipping malls and public areas.
  • PEI 5: Heavy-plus Traffic – all residential and commercial areas where heavy-duty wear is needed.